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Our Portfolio

Here are some of our current and previous investments


Tigoni Grown

Tigoni Grown is a distributor and producer of high quality fresh produce with a focus on vegetables. Tigoni Grown sources their vegetables and fruits from across Kenya and sells to grocery stores and schools. 

Sanergy is a waste management company which safely and professional removes waste generated in cities and then upcycles it through a circular economy approach. 

Sanergy uses black solider flies to convert organic waste into organic fertilizer, insect protein used in animal feeds and biomass briquettes.  

Sanergy Logo.png
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 MyFugo supports dairy farmers through loans, agronomist support and are currently developing an assessment technology to monitor cow health and productivity. 

Millimag Enterprises is involved in rabbit rearing, rabbit meat production, distribution and training to small scale farmers. Millimag also sells rabbit fertilizer, sausages, burgers and moccasins and is currently setting up an eatery.

Elmas Greens

Elmas Greens is a Kenyan vegetable grower, processor and exporter of fresh vegetable, fruits and herbs into the European, Asian and Middle East markets. Elmas Greens operates out of their own factory in Kirinyaga county, purchased a solar powered cold-room and expanded both own production as well as increased  farmer base from 12 to 56, and counting!

Kijani Testing Limited is a Kenyan start-up that offers field and market testing services to innovators and manufacturers of clean and renewable energy products. They also provide rapid product assessment  and after sale technical support to PUEs and other off grid appliances.

kijani testing logo.png
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